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Grahamstown Mission – South Africa

Our Grahamstown Mission in South Africa last month was a HUGE success and we're praising God for his goodness and for you, our partners in the Gospel, who made it possible! This 8-day mission reached 27,124 with the Gospel and of those, 5,835 made confessions of...

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As the Disciples of Old

Innocent’s life was going well: he finished high-school, started his degree at Makerere University – one of the best in Uganda – and his father had agreed to help pay his tuition fees. Innocent even started a small business on the side, to make himself a bit of extra...

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TOGO! Your Time has Come

After years of prayer for the nation of Togo, God has finally given African Enterprise an open door for citywide missions in Lome! We’re so thankful for our friends and partners in the nation who have a burden to see Lome reached for Christ! In early May, AE Ghana...

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Grahamstown Mission – South Africa Is Underway!

Grahamstown Mission - SA is currently underway and as of Tuesday the team has reached 3082 people with 775 making confessions of faith (recommitments or first commitments)! Please continue to pray for the team as they wrap up the mission and facilitate local churches...

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Evangelizing African Cities – Emmanuel Kwizera Podcast

Emmanuel Kwizera, AE's International Missions Director, was recently interviewed by the City Gospel Movement Team about mobilizing African churches to impact their own communities. Listen as Emmanuel discusses the future of evangelism in Africa, some of...

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A Life or Death Difference

You may not realize that your giving to African Enterprise makes a life and death difference. Ken is proof that your gift today can save people’s body and soul...and just in the nick of time! Ken had climbed onto a fourth-floor balcony and was sitting with his legs...

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AE Peace and Reconciliation Program – James’ Testimony

African Enterprise desires to bring peace where there is conflict. Thanks to your support, AE was among the first responders to offer aid to refugees when tribal violence began in 2013. Since then, we have been walking with the citizens of Juba by leading a grassroots...

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Lifted From the Ashes of Hopelessness

Athanasie Dusabemariya is a 24 year old girl, who lost her father when she was very young. She and her four siblings remained under the care of their mother, who was struggling daily to make ends meet. She shared her story below: When my father died in the 1994 war...

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From Street Kid to Entrepreneur: Nahimana’s Story

Nahimana Evariste is a 21-year-old young man from Rwanda. His father died when he and his 6 siblings were young, leaving the young family struggling in poverty. As a result, Evariste dropped out of school, in Primary 5 (5th Grade), in order to find a job, and help his...

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Women’s Sewing Project – Mercy Eliot’s Testimony

Mercy Eliot, a 22-year-old, single mother of 3, is a student at the African Enterprise Sewing Project. Our team in Malawi had a chance to sit with her and hear a small part of her testimony, and how she came to learn about the sewing project... “I had no knowledge...

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A Hope and a Future

African Enterprise works with at-risk women in Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda, through programs that give them marketable skills and teach them the Gospel. Some of these include tailoring, fabric printing, soap making, and pastries. Each is a lucrative market and...

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Elizabeth Mbanda is a mother of 3 young children & lives in Nairobi with her family. In 2012 Liz (as she’s fondly referred to as by friends) lost her father and her life was utterly devastated. “I felt hopeless and it was like my world had come crumbling down on...

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New Hope for an Orphaned Youth

Dushimimana Eugene was born in 1994 in Kigabiro sector of Rwamagana district in the Eastern Province. He has one brother and two sisters, but there are also other children of his father (half-siblings), who he got with his first late wife, as Eugene is a child of the...

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Bringing God’s Light To Dessie

Dessie is one of the darkest places in Ethiopia. Nearly devoid of the light of the Gospel of Christ, Dessie is a difficult place to spread the Gospel. Throughout 2017 our team worked with local churches in Dessie to train, mobilise and engage the church in reaching...

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South Sudan Mission Highlights

On Thursday 26th and Friday 27th October 2017 we held the initial training of 17 youth associates who will be directly implementing the proposed Youth Life Skills in Juba, South Sudan. The participants were drawn from various churches and institutions of higher...

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Accra Mission 2017

We praise God for an exciting mission this year. This November, we reached 14 communities with the gospel through Film evangelism, where we deploy cinema vans across the city to show various evangelistic films. By the grace of God, people trooped to the open spaces we...

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The Makings of a Modern Woman – Malawi

In her mid-thirties, Martha Njovulema was on her way to becoming a modern woman: she had tried her hand at teaching, baking, and running a small-business. She was a working mother keen to help her husband provide financially for their four children, and was on the...

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Lusaka Leadership Initiative

In 1991, the first democratically elected Zambian President, Frederick Chiluba, dedicated the nation to Christ. “I declare”, Chiluba said, “that Zambia is a Christian nation that will seek to be governed by the righteous principles of the Word of God. Righteousness...

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2018 Missions

Thank you for partnering with us in our mission to impact the continent of Africa with the Gospel. Here are some of the missions we are planning for 2018, but not without you! Wherever you are in the world you can make a significant impact for Christ in Africa. If you...

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Immanuel’s Story Immanuel, an AE Peace and Reconciliation student, has begun an inter-tribal soccer team – one of the first of its kind in Juba – and has put his new found skills to good use.“I love my country; I love South Sudan”, Immanuel said. “What has happened...

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Life on the streets – Kampala Mission, Uganda

Richard stumbles along the road in a long, tattered shirt, wearing shoes that don’t fit. At first glance, he looks like madman – dirty, unkept, muttering. “I cannot remember the last time I had a shower,” he says. “Every time I shower, when I try sleep afterwards, I...

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A mother struggling in the slums -Kampala Mission

Sitting on the edge of Kampala’s old railway lines, Kinawataka is a dusty slum, crowded with some of Uganda’s poorest urban population. Veronica lives in the slum with her two young children. For years she has struggled with alcoholism and has had a hard life. “I have...

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AE leaders gear up for Kampala City Mission – Uganda

Today begins AE’s mission to one of the world’s fastest growing and most vibrant cities in the world – Kampala. More than 500 Ugandan evangelists and 80 local churches are involved. They join the AE International Team, the AE Kenya Foxfires and associates from Ghana...

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Foxfires Take Chankhungu Market by Storm – Malawi

When the men and women of Chankhungu, Malawi woke with the dawn on a cool Monday morning to set up their stalls in the dusty market, they thought it would be a day like any other. But around lunchtime, a van of young people from the city arrived and started pulling...

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The Makings of a Modern Woman – Malawi

In her mid-thirties, Martha Njovulema was on her way to becoming a modern woman: she had tried her hand at teaching, baking, and small-business running, was a working mother keen to help her husband provided financially for their four children, and was on the look out...

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Training the next generation of evangelists – Ethiopia

Binyam Nigatu joined African Enterprise's Student Discipleship Program (SDP) in Ethiopia in 2009 and as a young man, he spent a year studying theology, learning about Christianity and growing deeply in his faith. He was so enamoured with the program that he enrolled...

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Kicukiro Mission – Rwanda

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it." African Enterprise missions usually aim to reach an entire city with the Gospel during mission week. However, sometimes due to the size of a city, it is nearly impossible to...

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A Messy Life Washed Clean – Rwanda

Living with the Shame The Ndjamena District of Kigali is known as a hotbed of illegal activity, prostitution, and drug abuse. As the AE Mission committee planned the Kicukiro Mission, they made sure to give special attention and prayer to this area because the need...

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