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“I entered this prison a bitter person, full of hatred and un-forgiveness but now I feel like the bitterness and hatred has been melted away, I feel like a brand new person. God has transformed my life in prison.”
Christine Mbale Mission. Uganda, 2015. 


1. Ethiopia
Reached: 7,000
Saved: 305

2. Kenya    
Reached: 103,394
Saved: 8,672

3. Malawi
Reached: 5,300
Saved: 1,100

4. South Africa
Reached: 162,286
Saved: 16,060

5. Zimbabwe
Reached: 1,470
Saved: 93

6. Rwanda
Reached: 43,797
Saved: 7,148

7. Uganda
Reached: 170,408
Saved: 18,208

“One morning during door to door evangelism, a man saw us coming and began running to us,” said Joseph, an AE volunteer. “He knelt down with tears in his eyes and said, ‘I want to receive salvation.’ We didn’t even preach to him! Another woman was about to go to the hospital to try sell her kidney because she had nothing to eat. As she prayed with us to accept Christ she became so excited she burst from her house declaring to everyone that was around, ‘I have been saved today!’ She will no longer try to sell her kidney as she knows that God will provide for her every need.”
Eldoret Mission. Kenya, 2015.

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