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COVID-19, Floods and Tribal Conflict – A Triple Threat in South Sudan

African Enterprise was able to reach out to vulnerable families who recently poured into the capital city of Juba. Displaced by floods, fleeing violence, and in search of work amidst COVID-19...

The Cost of Love

Paul suffered endlessly in his service to Christ...great pain, exhaustion, beatings, hunger and thirst, imprisonment, endless danger (2 Cor. 11:24-28) Why would anyone put up with this kind of life?...

Sabi Ran for Her Life – Into the Arms of Jesus

Sabi is a single mother of five children in South Sudan. She is one of over 400 families recently displaced due to tribal conflict between the Bari and Mundari tribes. “When fighting broke out...

Remembering Stephen Lungu: 1942-2021

One of the great evangelists of the last generation, Stephen Lungu, passed away the morning of Monday, January 18 in Malawi after a brief battle with coronavirus. Stephen was 78 years old and has...

African Enterprise COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 pandemic has affected majority of countries in Africa. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa were 189,559 as of 8 June up from 51,000 a month ago. The numbers are growing fast. A new report...

COVID, Africa and Hope

Our global future is nothing like our past. The world is reeling as it wrestles to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic and the economic devastation that lies in its wake. What does this struggle...

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