Côte d’Ivoire


Location: West Africa

Surface Area: 322,463 kilometres2

Population: 23.7 million

Major Cities: Abidjan 3.6 million, Abobo 900,000, Bouake 567,481, Daloa 215,652, San-Pedro 196,751, Yamoussoukro 194,530, Korhogo 167,395, Man 139,341, Divo 127,867, Gagnoa 123,184.

Major Languages: French, Dioula

Colonial History: Under French rule

Official Language: French


AE International works closely with a number of AE National Teams to facilitate pastor training, and to continue to spread the Gospel in the North of Africa. Projects and events have included:

  • Leadership breakfasts or dinners designed to direct political, business and religious figureheads to lead according to the model of Jesus Christ
  • Mobilising students, churches and church leaders to ‘Go North’ and be equipped for missions in the North of Africa
  • Training North African pastors in South and East African countries like Kenya and South Africa with the skills to better lead their congregations in the North
  • Create partnerships and support networks between Christians in different ethnic and religious regions of Africa