Sabi is a single mother of five children in South Sudan.

She is one of over 400 families recently displaced due to tribal conflict between the Bari and Mundari tribes.

“When fighting broke out between the two tribes, we no longer felt safe in our houses,” she shared. “For many nights, we slept in the bushes, so if need be, we could run for our lives.”

Nothing but the clothes on their backs. But as the violence moved closer and people near Sabi’s village were killed, she decided to flee and seek refuge in another area. They fled with nothing other than the clothes they were wearing.“We walked for many hours without food or water,” said Sabi.
“The children were crying, but we had to keep moving until we got to where we felt safer.”

Displaced and desperate Sabi and her children found refuge on the outskirts of the Juba, the capital city, among other displaced individuals, primarily women, elderly, and children.

In Juba, life has been very difficult for Sabi and her children. She is unable to farm, and due to COVID-19, she can’t find work to buy food and other things for her family.

“We have been forced to rely on well-wishers for our daily survival as we wait for the fighting to stop so we can return to our homes.”

God hears Sabi’s cry. Sari is so very grateful to African Enterprise for the gifts of food and soap you and other generous friends helped provide. “We were not expecting it,” she said. “But God heard our cry and sent African Enterprise to us. I am happy that for the next few days I will not have to worry about food for my children.”

Sabi says, “Thank you African Enterprise, for your kindness and love to us!”