We are pleased to present you with an overview of the major missions you have helped to support in 2016.  Thank you, and we pray that you will be incredibly blessed to read how, with your prayers, financial support and volunteer activities, you have partnered with us in bringing 51,987 people to Christ! At AE we think it’s important to thank God for every new person that He’s brought to know His son Jesus – each of those new Christians from 2016 is individually loved and has been changed for eternity.

You’ll find a selection of stories from missions that happened throughout 2016, including the AE Major Mission to Kumasi in Ghana. Other mission reports include Kakamega in Kenya, Gulu in Uganda and Livingstone in Zambia. There is news from the Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC) training courses run in four countries in 2016, in which 200 African pastors were equipped with skills to transform their communities. You can also find links to a new PTC training video, which you can share with your church.

The new report is available in a number of places for greater accessibility. It is available on our website, but also in physical form through contacting the Sydney office. We’re so excited to share the news with you that we have printed copies for our supporters to share with everyone they know, especially churches, friends and family.

That’s not quite all though. To celebrate the new lives brought to Christ in 2016, we’ve also launched a new video that outlines the mission focus of African Enterprise! It features Stephen Mbogo, our International CEO and Emmanuel Kwizera, our International Missions Director, explaining the AE strategic vision for mission. You are supporting God’s call to evangelise the nations through your prayers, financial support and ambassadorship of AE. We can’t thank you enough!







Join the AE family by signing up for updates and field reports here. You can also request physical copies of the Mission Summary for 2016 or video resources to share with your church, or join the Ambassador Programme. You can also call our Australian office on (+61) 2 9889 1799 or email ae@aeint.org.

Have you caught the vision to see the urban places of Africa reached with the Gospel? We’d love to hear from you.

Perhaps you would like to pledge your support over the coming years to support our missions. Please contact us to arrange this.