Ernest Owusu didn’t look like a man who cared about Jesus. He filled his days with smoking poisonous, addictive substances with unsavoury friends in gangs. He had spent time in gaol for armed robbery. He took pleasure in exploiting other people so that he could thrive.Ernest Owusu

“I lived this lifestyle because I took pleasure in it. It was a way of getting my daily bread.”

At 26, his life seemed destined for disaster.

But God has a funny way of breaking into people’s lives.

On a cool morning in June, Ernest pulled a shirt on over the gun and dagger tattoos on his arms and went out to smoke. That day, a group of strangers approached Ernest and his gang and started talking to them. The strangers said they were part of an organisation called African Enterprise and that they had come to tell the men about Jesus.

They spoke about love and forgiveness, about a changed, purposeful way of living. As they spoke, Ernest felt something change in his heart. He decided to ask their God to help him.

“African Enterprise showed me the way to God. I am a changed person because Jesus has forgiven all my sins. Now I am happy.”

Ernest decided to join a church. Since AE’s Kumasi Mission in 2016, he has been learning more and more about his new God. He has also asked to join AE Ghana’s vocational training programme to acquire skills that will enable him to find a job.

Unfortunately, the gang that Ernest was a part of have started threatening him for his swift exit. Please pray for his safety, and for the growth of his faith, that the Gospel would transform his life in a powerful way.