Dear AE Family,

Today is a good day. In fact, every day we work together for the sake of bringing thousands of Africans to hear the Gospel is a good day! Thank you for coming on mission, for standing in prayer, for giving so generously to allow local churches across Africa to reach out to their neighbours with the hope of Jesus.

Everywhere I look, I see the impact your support is making. Delphine, a young woman you can read more about in this newsletter, recently finished her education thanks to your support for the Centre for Champions in Rwanda. She says:

“My heart is so full of joy. I managed to become a Christian and finish school. I now earn some money, which enables me to meet my needs and I’m also able to offer some support to my mother.”

You’re also playing an important role in equipping ministries like Foxfires – a specially designed youth evangelism program that sees passionate young Christians like Bongani going out into schools and community groups to tell children and youths about the difference that Jesus makes in life.

All of this is only possible with your support and prayers. If you’d like to discover even more about the impact you’re making, you’re welcome to read our Annual Report and our Missions Summary, which you can find on the website.

As we prepare for upcoming missions to Malindi and Kigali, I’m filled with hope. We are praying to see thousands of lives changed – and please, keep our North Africa Mission in your prayers as well. Lives are literally at stake as courageous Christ-followers work in places made dark by poverty, violence, political instability and extremist Islam.

Thank you for coming on mission to see thousands of Africans meet Christ for the first time – together we can transform whole cities of Africa for Him!

AE CEO, Stephen Mbogo








Stephen Mbogo

African Enterprise CEO/ITL