When the Foxfires came to Paul Kiarie’s school, he thought they would be like every other dull and boring Life Skills teachers he’d had in the past. To his great surprise, they were youth – just like him!

“I could easily relate to them. They spoke on topics that that were relevant to us as young people, and shared their own life experience to get our attention.”

As the months passed, the Kenyan Foxfires visited with fresh insights into living life for Jesus each week. Paul was confused, and tried to antagonise the Foxfires.

To his great surpise, instead of anger, the Foxfires answered Paul with clear, honest answers. They realised Paul was a young man searching for answers. He wasn’t used to people taking such an interest in him.

“I am sure they knew I was playing around with their minds but they did not want me to be left behind. Their concern for me touched my heart.”

One day, one of the Foxfires asked Paul if he had ever thought about Jesus as the answer to his life questions. Paul told the Foxfire that he had never sought answers from God.

“The Foxfire took his time to explain to me why I needed Jesus in my life,” Paul said.

“Jesus is the answer for the whole of mankind and if I accept him, He would become the same in my life.”

That evening, Paul invited Jesus into his life as personal Saviour. He had finally found the answer to all his questions.

“I praise God for the African Enterprise Foxfires. God bless you for the work that you are doing among the youth of Kenya!”

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