AE Rwanda Evangelist Salim Bakundukize Ndugu was once far from God.

He was born into a complicated family – his father had three wives, and Salim was the ninth child born to his mother, but there were other children too. He describes his life as “weary and burdensome”. Though Salim and his family identified as Muslims, Salim dabbled in spiritualism and experimented with traditional witch doctors practices. He felt no guilt in pursuing a double life of devotion to Islam and evil spirits.

Power and fear were his gods.

“I went to so many witchdoctors that I turned into something like a walking demon because of the evil spirits. I committed adultery – I had evil medication to draw women and girls to me. I even had things to wear (impigi) that protected my body against bullets, and others that made people fear me.”

All these controlling practices yielded a restless, tormented existence without peace – until Jesus met Salim.

Striding into a prayer room, Salim came selfishly to ask for greater power and glory, and for the ability to see into the future – but Jesus was waiting to call him to account and caused him to repent immediately!

“I confessed my sins, and some servants of God prayed for me and from then Jesus had me in his hands. I went home with peace in my heart that I had never felt before. I still have that peace in my heart.”

Salim has nothing but praise for his Saviour, who has since blessed him with a wife and five children and a tongue ready to declare the praises of Jesus to anyone who will listen. He works in the AE Rwanda office, and shared the Gospel with hundreds of people through the recent mission to Kigali, Rwanda.

“He is the true Lord”.

Thank you for praying for AE missions. You truly are transforming whole cities for Christ.