Pregnant at 21 years old, Abbo *, decided she was going to abort her baby.

“I have no one to help me with the baby and no money,” she said. “The baby’s father is not financially stable, and he said he was couldn’t care for the child.”

Abbo was a Christian, and knew she had messed up, but she couldn’t see a way out.

“When I finished high school, I couldn’t do any further education,” she said. “I found myself with no money and no food, so I got into a romantic relationship with a man who got me pregnant.”

Desperate and frightened, Abbo thought the only option was to abort the baby.

Until she met a local evangelist during the Kampala mission this week. Reverend Susan, an assistant chaplain in one of Kampala’s hospitals, arranged for Abbo to visit the clinic and gain access to free pre- and post-natal care.

“I am so overwhelmed by the love I have received from fellow brethren in Christ and for Reverend Susan for her kind offer!” Abbo said.

“The AE evangelists talked to me about the love of Christ, how he forgives all sins and how He still loves me no matter what.”

Because of this reassurance of Christ’s love, and the help from her fellow Christians, Abbo has decided not to go ahead with the abortion.

Abbo and her baby have both been saved.


*name changed to protect individual’s privacy