Thank you for your prayers as the Malindi for Jesus Mission takes shape. Located on the Kenyan coast, about 600 km southeast of Nairobi, Malindi is home to many beautiful beaches and has a rich trade history.

Malindi is known as the second-most important town on Kenya’s coast (after Mombasa) and plays a strategic role in the nation’s economy.

Your prayers and support are so important as AE Kenya partners with and prepares local churches to reach out to residents of Malindi with the truth of the Gospel. Together, we can see the city changed for Christ!

We are so grateful to Gymea Baptist Church for their partnership in this mission and are excited to see God using their generosity to impact more lives in Malindi.


Even as your support is empowering the team in Malindi, Kenya, you’ll also be playing a crucial role in the Kigali South-East Mission, which will begin just a few days later. AE Rwanda is preparing local churches in Rwanda’s capital city to witness to as many as 87,000 locals who are hungry to hear about Jesus – and your prayers are vital.

We’re praying and believing that as many as 13,000 people will come to accept Jesus – with thousands more to recommit their lives to Him. Please continue to pray for hearts to be open and ready to receive Him!


In February, we shared that God has placed before us a unique opportunity to see North Africa – a region marked by political instability, extremist Islamic activity and widespread economic hardship – reached for Christ. Thank you for praying and giving so selflessly. So far, friends like you have given more than $12,430 to train and equip African Christians to prepare for the ‘reverse’ South to North Mission this year.


Excited to read more about how God is using your support to bring change to Africa? Catch up with the Missions Summary at for all the amazing stories of transformation you made possible in 2016. Together, we can impact more cities across Africa for Christ!