The Gospel is the lifeblood of AE’s ministry! So, equipping pastors with the knowledge, skills and passion to teach the Gospel accurately is critical. AE works in partnership with local churches and Bible Colleges to upskill those who attend Pastors Training Courses to better handle the Bible.

Thank you for making this possible through your prayers, financial support and volunteering activities.

Visiting lecturer George said of PTC:

“PTC leads to students being able to handle the bible better – seeing it as a story from beginning to end””.

Between March 27 and April 8, AE Kenya held two courses in Malindi, a majority Muslim town on the Kenyan coast. This course was also part of an overarching strategic plan to get local city churches ready for the city wide mission that will be taking place in Malindi in June 2017.

In each course, the day began with a devotion. Then students completed 6 hours of coursework per day – a combination of lectures, workshops and small group work. Each course finished with a written exam.

George May, Steve Dunlop and Rev. John Shikuku (Kenya) taught the two courses, in Biblical Theology 1, and New Testament 1. Of the students who sat the courses, 40 were drawn from local churches to prepare them and their churches for the Malindi city wide mission in June.

Pastor Dominic was particularly struck by their study of Mark 13 in New Testament 1:

“It was a revelation to me that this passage was not just about the end times but about Jesus’ death and resurrection. This different perspective gives me a better understanding of Mark’s gospel.”

Praise God for his faithfulness in providing the tools that are needed to deepen theological understanding in countries like Kenya! Thank you to Edward Mungai (AE Kenya) who coordinated the course, and for an opportunity for local leaders like Rev. Shikuku to be trained in presenting the Gospel, to better build the church in his home country.

AE is looking forward to teaching more courses in Malindi over 2017 – 2018. Please continue to pray for other PTC courses that are scheduled to take place in Rwanda, Ghana, and other African nations throughout 2017, that local church leaders will feel ready to proclaim the Gospel in the 10 city wide missions planned for 2017.





Graduates from BT1