Lusaka Leadership Initiative to Zambia has begun, and AE International Missions Director Emmanuel Kwizera has sent through news of the exciting launch of the mission.

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Saturday, 4 November

On 4 November, bright and early, the Lusaka Leadership Initiative was launched with a ‘Serve the city’ event. Church leaders and the AE Mission Team worked together to clean the most populated streets in Lusaka, including Cha Cha Cha Road and Freedom Way.

The reason behind beginning every AE mission with street cleaning, is to challenge community members to see that though AE mission volunteers are cleaning the streets, Jesus can clean their hearts. In Lusaka, street cleaning was specifically used to remind leaders to serve first their community, and that the Lusaka Leadership Initiative is about more than just events, but about an ongoing transformation of African cities.

Emmanuel explains,

It’s more than cleaning. We are working to transform African people to take up leadership responsibilities in their communities. You have to combine evangelism and prayer with caring for your community to show your faith is living and active.”

AE worked with Jesus Cares Ministry to mobilise churches to be part of this activity of cleaning the city.

One mission volunteer, Margaret Kantai shared her joy at seeing the mission begin in this way,

“It was amazing to see people giving their lives to Christ, and seeing churches get involved for the first time in cleaning the city!”

More cleaning will continue as the Mission continues this week.

Please continue praying for the other leadership meetings that will take place during the week, and the following prayer requests from AE Malawi Missions Director and Lusaka Leadership Mission Coordinator Abel Sauti-Phiri.

  1. Pray for the church in Zambia to catch the vision of reaching Leaders with the gospel
  2. Pray for The mission committee and leadership coordinators
  3. Pray for all the AE International speakers
  4. Pray for the heart of Leaders to be opened for the gospel
  5. Pray for the preservation and the commitment of the church in Zambia to continue
  6. Pray for the finances needed