A landmark bid by African Enterprise to spark a repeat of the great Lusaka Christian revival of 1980 gets under way in the Zambian capital on November 4.

Some 1500 leaders representing every facet of Zambian life, including politicians, lawyers, doctors, academics, police and the military, have been invited to a series of gospel gatherings designed to bring greater understanding of God’s word and the vital role it can play in giving new hope to the Zambian people.

More than 200 churches are also taking part.

The mission, running from November 7 to 11, has particular significance because it comes during a period of increased political tension in Zambia.

Some activists continue the question the legitimacy of the national government in the wake of last year’s general election, and more recently an opposition leader has been charged with treason.

African Enterprise international mission director Emmanuel Kwizera says: “This means we will need God’s guidance and favour as we seek to bring our leaders around the preaching of the gospel.

“Zambia truly needs a touch of the living God and the transforming power of His work among its leadership today”.

Bishop Joseph Imakando, head of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, which is organising the mission, has fond memories of the 1980 one.

“It transformed many lives and revitalised the church in this city”, he says.

Organisers seek prayer that day-to-day running of the mission will go as planned, that there will be a very strong and representative response from invited leaders, and that those who attend the meetings will put aside political differences as they listen to God’s word.

Story written by Mike Heard, AE Volunteer.

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