Foxfires was born in 1980 with Team Leader of AE Zimbabwe Chris Sewell’s vision: “What if we were to take young evangelists just out of Bible College, baptised by the Holy Spirit, and send them out into the world to preach the Gospel?” Sewell began with 16 young Christians and called it Operation Foxfires.

Now operating in Kenya, Malawi and South Africa, as well as Zimbabwe, the Foxfires team is hard at work, bringing the Gospel to the more than 225 million youth across the continent.

Every Foxfires member has a story to tell and an ability to relate to the young people they meet. Bongani says he has come through his own challenges.

“As I was growing up, I started doing wrong things. I started sniffing petrol and glue … just trying to fit in, you know? [But then] my friend … took me to church and my life was changed from that day forward.”

Now Bongani and the Foxfire team bring the Good News to students and children every day, through drama, dance, song, poetry and their personal testimonies.

“I’ve learned so much during my time as a Foxfire, and the training we’ve received in evangelism and Bible theology has been incredible! Every morning that I wake up in the Foxfire program is a morning I think, ‘Today God can change somebody’s life. I’m going to bring them that hope and that faith that made such a change in me – and help them see that there is more to life.’

“My life has been changed by this ministry and I’m so thankful for the donors across the world who have made it possible. Thank you.” 

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