Henok Sileshi is a bright, hard-working lecturer at the medical school of Jigjiga University in Ethiopia. With a Master’s degree under his belt, and upcoming enrollment in a PhD program, he is the poster-child of educational success.


But 14 years ago, things looked quite different for Henok.

In 2003 he was a student in high school wondering what to do with his life.

That’s when he joined African Enterprise Ethiopia’s discipleship program. It gave him roots and allowed him to grow.

“The discipleship program of AE is foundational to Christian life and ministry. The program helped me to get rooted in Christ and has drawn me nearer to the church and to Christian ministry.”

This year, he returned to the discipleship program, this time as a teacher.

“I would like all the children and youth in the church to be enrolled in this program and become disciples of Jesus. Participating in the discipleship program is one of my life ministry goals.”

200 000 Ethiopian students enrolled in AE’s program in July, and Henok was there, teaching a course on evangelism. His goal: to give teenagers a strong foundation in Christ.

One of those students was high school senior, Selomie Ayele.


“AE’s discipleship and leadership development program has helped me define my vision for the future,” Selomie said.

“After college, I want to be involved in social action and evangelism. I want to be a woman who fears God in all her ways, knows what she believes, has a concern for children – especially orphans – and testifies about salvation in Jesus’ name.”

Attending AE Ethiopia’s discipleship program, honed her goals for the future.

“My vision by 2030 is to become a woman of purpose who serves the whole of mankind with the whole Gospel!” she said.

She, like Henok, she is the future of AE. And she will carry the fire of the Gospel with her for the rest of her life.

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