We’re excited for our first Pastors Training Course (PTC) of 2018 to be starting in Kenya this month.

PTC will be running in Kenya, Ghana, and Rwanda this year and will operate as a two-week intensive course.29119391461_08fe11795f_z

The 2018 courses will be teaching a similar cohort to previous years. Many of the pastors have already completed introductory subjects to the Old and New Testament, and are set to expand their biblical knowledge even further.

The first course will launch in Kenya next Monday on the 5th of March, and is expected to have over 50 students.

This will be held in the coastal city of Malindi, which is located 120km northeast of Mombasa. This is a strategic location for AE as we aim to minister to the city’s growing Muslim community, which now account for over 50% of the population.

Pastor Stephen Dunlop and Dr George May from Australia have already arrived in Malindi, and are prepared to teach the course with the help of two lecturers from Carlisle College in Nairobi.

Our second ever PTC in Ghana will operate later this year, after we saw a very positive impact in 2016.

This year’s course will be the first time the course has run with all local lecturers. It will be led by our AE Team Leader in Ghana, Ben Sachie, and is expected to have close to 40 students.

The 2016 training in Ghana proved to be very effective for the mission we ran in Kumasi. We’re hoping and praying this training will see similar fruit when we run a mission in the capital city of Accra in November.

Our Rwandan PTC will also be launching shortly in the capital city of Kigali and is expected to have around 35 students.

This will be a similar cohort of pastors who were trained in May last year by Pastor Jack Normand and Pastor Greg Ball from Australia.

Some of the course has been translated into Kinyarwanda and has been used as discipleship training material in several church congregations across Rwanda.

The Rwandan course will be timely preparation for this year’s mission to Kigali in the middle of June.

We’re still looking to close our PTC funding gap of $49,000 by the 31st of March. If you’re passionate about equipping the new generation of African pastors with sound biblical training, please check out the link below.

Together we can empower them to strengthen and transform the Church in Africa.