Welcome to our new website!

In 2016, we supported our African brothers and sisters in 10 countries throughout Africa, to see missions reach over 550,000 people with the Gospel! Big missions in Kumasi, Ghana, Kakamega, Kenya, Gulu, Northern Uganda and Livingstone, Zambia, were key to this success. On the new website, you can read stories from these missions, see photographs, or even sign up for the Short-Term Missions projects taking place in Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana in 2017.

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You can find prayer diaries, the African Harvest newsletter, videos and mission reports and more on the new site, as well as dates for events taking place this year. We are reaching even more cities in 2017, with AE Missions scheduled for Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, DRC, Ethiopia and the far north of Africa!

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We aim to help you get to know our team leaders even better by showing you who works where. If you have a passion for the work happening in a certain country, let us know so we can keep you up to date with how your prayers and support are directly contributing to the mission in that country.

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Most importantly, the website is a space to celebrate the thousands of lives brought to Christ and the development activities that make a practical difference. AE evangelists are proclaiming the Gospel in Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Ethiopia.

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In February, Zimbabwe is also the prayer focus country in our Prayer Diary. We’d encourage you to be regular prayer warriors with us to support the Great Commission. Please share these stories with your friends as God ignites the heart of Africa and help others to get involved in supporting this wonderful ministry in Africa.

Together we CAN see Africa transformed!