Today marks the start of the Global Evangelist Forum in Accra, Ghana! Hosted by African Enterprise Ghana, this is an exciting collaboration that will raise up a new generation of evangelists through West Africa.

The Forum is a platform for reflection, exchange, and training, and a spiritual retreat for evangelists and those aspiring to ministry.

Over the next 5 days, evangelists and budding evangelists from across Ghana and the surrounding region will gather to be trained, encouraged, and spiritually fed in Gospel work.

In doing so they will join a global movement that exists on 3 continents: Africa, America and Europe. We at African Enterprise are excited to be part of this venture as it spreads across Africa!

The Forum is for apologists, artists, youth workers, Christians in full-time and part-time work – any who are passionate in their ministry for Christ. In Accra this week, they will find a space for spiritual refreshment and stimulating reflection on the theological foundations and historicity of the Gospel message. Their minds will opened  to the pertinence of the Gospel to our time.

We hope to awake vocations in the hearts of many by spreading and enlarging the vision of evangelism.

We WILL see the cities and people of Africa changed by the Gospel!

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