The Chatham’s (Bill and Judy) call themselves “normal, everyday supporters of AE”. What a humbling description. But what does that look like?

Bill and Judy are a part of our Queensland AE family after moving north from Victoria in 2005. They attend Paradise Point Uniting Church. Their love for AE stems from their love of Christ and his word. Bill says,

“AE works in Africa in word and in deed. We believe faith is dead without actions. So, we support the way AE goes about bringing the Gospel to Africa, and at the same time engaging in deeds that help Africans in a practical way. Christ’s own teaching was attended by His actions.

We live in a good country. People in Africa have families and the same needs as we do – if regular help can be directed their way we feel we should be involved.”

They admire the way AE trains pastors, trains women in tailoring and reaches out to young people through other young people (like the Foxfires). They find the combination of practical love and mission work captivating, which is why they have been supporting AE for over 30 years!

In the late 1970s Bill and Judy first encountered AE, when they attended a talk in Kew (Vic) by an AE representative from Africa. Impressed by the good progress of AE in reaching out to the nations of Africa with the Gospel, and through aid and development projects, for example to improving sanitation, increasing food security and combatting poverty, they decided to join the AE family.

Bill finds particularly impressive the explosive nature of evangelism in Africa. He recalls meeting Michael Cassidy years after first hearing about AE.

“My meeting with Michael and reading his books gave me a much deeper insight into how God called Michael to bring His Word to Africa. How impressive it is to see over 50 years, how Michael’s original call, to evangelise Africa, has spread the Gospel out over vast areas of Africa and is expanding year by year.”

A move to the Gold Coast to join family in 2005 led to increased involvement with AE. Bill and Judy support AE through regular donations, prayer, and sharing AE with their church and friends. We are so thankful for their love for the people of Africa!

Through the Chatham’s, Paradise Point Uniting is a partner in the work of the Gospel through AE. Bill arranged for AE to be included among the Church’s mission partners, and encouraged other church goers to give toward AE’s dynamic Gospel pursuits. Bill and Judy value face to face interaction with AE Australia staff, and with African evangelists, who come to speak of the harvest going on throughout Africa’s many nations. They desire to see more Australian churches catch the vision for evangelising the cities of Africa.

We are thankful to God for this faithful and Gospel driven family!