Mission Dates 2018

Across Africa, AE is committed to running Missions that see whole cities reached with the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

In 2017 our 10 International Teams were led by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to over 1 million people, and we commit 2018 to the Lord, eagerly anticipating that he will help us reach 1 million more this year.

There are 12 missions planned for 2018, which are listed below. If you have a heart for specific nation on this list, please contact us at ae@aeint.org, so we can send you updates as mission preparations commence, or head to our homepage and click on the relevant ‘Meet the Team’ tile.

Thank you for praying and supporting AE this year.

See how a mission is planned:


Countries  City Theme or Name of the mission ( This may be updated later)





(2019 – 2021 preparations)

LOME Joshua and Caleb trips, preparing

2019-2021 Missions

March & July



KIGALI 3 Nyarugenge Mission for Jesus 10 – 17 June


MERU Meru Mission 28 June – 8 July


MWANZA Mwanza Mission 22 – 29 July


HARARE UNIVERSITY MISSION “Building the nation with Jesus” August


KENYA (AEI) NAIROBI Gospel Movement Day

Global Conference

23 – 24 August

(Rubaga Division)

Kampala City Mission 21 – 30 September





Whatsup Grahamstown

Whatsup Stellenbosch

Whatsup Cape Town


3 – 6 May

17 – 23 September

26 – 30 September



LILONGWE Lilongwe City South for Jesus 14 – 20 October


LUBUMBASHI UNIVERISTY “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (Col. 1:27) 10 – 20 October


AKUEPEM STATE Christ-Centred Churches Transforming Communities and culture 18 – 31 October
ETHIOPIA ADAMA “Let us walk in the light of the Lord.” (Is. 2:5) 26 – 30 December


AE Missions Overview

Breaking new ground

In just 2 short months, AE will be venturing into Zambia with a new project – the Lusaka Leadership Initiative.

AE International CEO Rev. Dr. Stephen Mbogo visited Lusaka, the bustling capital city, for an initial establishment meeting with local partners to pave the way for a successful mission in November.

The team met with local partnering churches, conducted an inaugural leadership conference, and met privately with judges and members of parliament.

God is already making his way into the hearts of Zambians through the Gospel. At one of the meetings 70 church and community leaders came along to hear Stephen’s message about the importance of Godly leadership. Others in attendance were touched by Stephen’s powerful word from God, and 12 people committed their lives to Christ.

University student Tapalo Mwila came to know Jesus that day.

Stephen said,

“The best thing a leader can do is to submit himself to Christ and lead with godliness and humility – that is why AE meets with leaders, so that leaders of all the sectors will be transformed, and be leaders of integrity.”

Please pray with us for the preservation of these 12 new believers, and that many more souls might be saved in the lead up to this mission to Lusaka in November.

If you’d like to give to this mission, click here.


Continuing the vision

Many months of abundant praying, careful searching and lengthy interviewing have led to some exciting announcements appointments for AE South Africa, AE Tanzania and AE Kenya.

African Enterprise is happy to announce that new Team Leaders have been appointed in South Africa (Theuns Pauw), Tanzania (Michael Macha) and Kenya (Benson Omondi).


Rev. Theuns Pauwtheuns

Theuns will come onboard as AE South Africa Team Leader on 1st August 2017, with a wealth of ministry experience. He and his wife Charlene having been serving at Shofar Christian Church in Franschhoek for over a decade, and will be relocating to Pietermaritzburg to the AE South Africa office in July 2017. They have three young children, Christiaan, Esther and Reinhart.

A warm, capable person, Theuns is filled with a sense of purpose to see how God can do a “New Thing” at AE South Africa, while remaining faithful to the traditional mission. It is exciting to look ahead to see the things God has in store for AE SA under Theuns!





Rmichael1ev. Michael Macha

Michael has joined AE Tanzania Team as the new Team Leader. He was a part of the team of evangelists who saw thousands saved at Malindi in June just last month. He is married to Gloriacatherine, and has three adult children, Joshua, Faithglory and Elisha.

An ordained Lutheran Pastor since 2000, Michael has served in three parishes. 2004, he led an organisation which conducted open air meetings called ‘Nuru ya Injili Kilimanjaro’. He also led the preparations for Arise Kilimanjaro Gospel Crusade. He is passionate about seeing people saved by the Gospel of Jesus and he’s excited about his new role as the Team Leader of Tanzania.





Rbenson-omondiev. Benson Omondi

Benson commenced his duties as leader of the AE Kenya Team just a few days ago. He is married to Janet, and they have two young children, Anita and Emmanuel.

Benson is passionate about seeing people come to Christ. AE Kenya is excited about Benson’s leadership over the Kenya team, with his strong background in administration and missions.

Please pray for all three of these men as they take on new responsibilities of their respective national team leadership, and encourage them in their work for growing the kingdom in Africa.

Giving thanks for our Directors: Directors appointed and recently retiring.

AE is pleased to advise supporters of the latest changes to the African Enterprise Board, with the introduction of three new directors and the retirement of three long serving members.

Joining us in August 2016 was Mr. David Cain BCom, MCom, MBA, GAICD.  David has over two decades of business management experience within large multinationals. He has held increasingly senior leadership roles across the disciplines of commercial strategy, government affairs and policy development. He has a passion for Africa, Board Governance and AE.

Joining us in May 2017 was Mr. Rohan Gilchrist BEc, FCA, and Rev Chris Siriweera B. D.

Rohan has worked extensively in banking and finance throughout Europe and Australia in a number of senior directing roles. He has a passion for empowering, inspiring and coaching colleagues, and for charity and fundraising events.

Chris is the Senior Minister at St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church in Surrey Hills, Vic. He is excited to see the church grow through strong leadership.

Retiring are: Mr. Mike Woodall, Mrs. Gudrun Adam and Dr. Robert Claxton.  We give thanks to God for their significant years of service to AE.

Mr. Jeffrey Collett was reappointed as Chairman and Mrs Judy Wong-See was reappointed as Deputy Chair.

Under God’s guidance, we look forward to seeing AE continue to work diligently to spread the Gospel throughout all of Africa.  We are really excited to strengthen our mission, to evangelise the cities of Africa in word and deed in partnership with the church.

AE Board of Directors

Prayer and reflection on AE’s mission in Africa

Going on mission in Africa is a complex and very challenging task in a third world environment. Our mission at AE is to break through with the message that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. This mission stands in stark contrast to a worldview in which money, power and survival are king over many lives. The saving, transformative power of Jesus will enable non-Christian Africans to get back in control of their lives, with God in the driver’s seat.

People stuck in poverty often feel sheer desperation, which can lead them to make poor life choices. We need to be there – to give them an opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. If they do not have this hope in Christ, where can they truly find rest? In some respects, it’s a similar situation to those most vulnerable in Australian society. Our media is saturated with self-centered messages about material wealth, which leaves many feeling their only choice is to turn to a foolish pathway.  In anger and pain, these people often turn to drugs, prostitution and crime or waste time with false spiritual beliefs that lead nowhere or simply harm others.

One of the main differences between our Australian society and Africa, is that in Africa many more people truly have nothing. They are constantly looking for a way out, as you might expect. Many governments provide very little in assistance for those in need, neglecting even the most basic needs including water, sanitation and public transport. People are heavily influenced by prosperity doctrine, radical Islam, witchcraft and Christianity. They need to know the difference between right and wrong pathways.

So, when African Enterprise goes into the cities of Africa on mission, we go in partnership with local African churches who understand the needs of the people in that city, who can care for their communities, in Christ.  We also provide a way out through social action programmes, such as the Ghana Street Children Apprenticeship programme.

Please take a moment to pray that we will all stand strong against the schemes of evil, that we will rejoice in the good news of Jesus and protect and enshrine God’s place in our society today.  Rejoice in the love of Jesus and remember that we should also be conscious of the body of Christ around the world. African Enterprise has a an African focus because we have been called to witness there.   Whether you choose to support mission in Australia or overseas, please take a moment to thank God for Jesus and to pray for those of us whose lives are fully dedicated to the Great Commission.

Article provided by AE Australia Executive Director, Ben Campbell.

Inspiring you to prayer through Prayermate

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that it’s hard to pray, you’re not alone. Prayer takes discipline, time, and a willing heart to come before our Heavenly Father.

At AE, some of our supporters are using the Prayermate app to help create a framework for diligent, God centred prayer times – and we hope you might too. 

Prayermate, is, put simply, a digital list maker. It allows you to categorise the things you want to pray for – e.g. the world, your workplace, your family and friends. When paper lists and your brain are just not enough, it’s a way of keeping track.

At AE we know that prayer is the most powerful tool we have to present all our requests and the desires of our hearts before God. Our quarterly Prayer Diary and Fortnightly Prayer Bulletin (email only) are two ways we encourage you to prayer with us and for us. The beauty of Prayermate is that you can receive the daily prayer point from the AE Prayer Diary direct to you phone or iPad and add it to the list of things to pray for!  

You might like to create a ‘Global Missions’ list where you pray for organisations like AE, Tear, World Vision, CMS (Church Mission Society) and many others. 

We’d love to hear if you use Prayermate, how you use it, and why you love it! 

Head to the App Store to find the Prayermate App, download it, and add African Enterprise to your prayer list today.

Thank you for you for praying for Africa with us.